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Need help identifying a berry in my yard

My wife and I purchased a home in northern San Diego County, California late last year. At one time it looks like the house was very well landscaped but it had sat empty for several years and as a result the yard has fallen into various stages of disrepair. We've been working to get things turned around but there are several plants that we cannot identify. There is a vining berry plant that draws my interest (mostly because I want to know if I can eat the berries). I'm attaching a few pictures to see if someone out there can help me identify it. Basically all I know is that it is a vine, the berries start green and then turn a dark blue/purple color and the inside of the berry has a green pit. It also must be pretty drought tolerant since it was uncared for during all these years of drought.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Need help identifying a berry in my yard

Best to be very careful with any berry vines because there are many poisonous varieties of vine berries.
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