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Moving potted plants for light

Hello All!

I currently live in a warehouse, and my bedroom has no windows/ natural light. I bought a full spectrum bulb, and had been leaving it on while at work for my pothos and ivy plants. However, my landlord just complained about the electricity bill, and asked me to stop. The only natural light in the building is in the bathroom. My question is:

If I move my plants to and from the bathroom every few days to expose them to natural light, will it negatively effect them?

Any help you can offer would be great!

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Re: Moving potted plants for light

So where would they be when not in the bathroom and what kind of light would they be getting then?

Pothos particularly is one that tolerates low light situations well, but that is not to say it can stay in total darkness.

If your full spectrum bulb was pulling too much juice (greedy landlord to be concerned about one light bulb burning 16 hrs a day!), would it be okay to just use a regular fluorescent tube? That is really all you need... one 4' fluorescent tube, hung just a few inches above your plants, on 16 hrs a day.
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Re: Moving potted plants for light

Is there anywhere outside you can keep them at least during the day?
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Re: Moving potted plants for light

I use an ordinary handtruck with a bungee to help secure the pot, or pot lifter straps with a helper to move big plants. I also have a couple of heavy-duty plant dollies -- as long as I can wrestle the pot onto the dolly, they can manage flat surfaces --smooth surfaces no problem-- including the uneven brick patio and over a welcome mat and a low doorway threshold.
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Re: Moving potted plants for light

Post is a year old and the poster didn't respond. Either they got it figured out or the plants died.

The best solution would have been to leave the plants by the window in the bathroom. Next best would have been a florescent tube light.

Pretty cheap of a landlord to complain about a few extra dollars on the electric bill. I wonder if the landlord then complained about the extra water to water the plants.

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