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Looking for a evergreen shrub or hedge to suite my needs

My back yard connects to a parking lot.
I want to block the view to the lot with vegetation.
The lighting is bad back there, the emerald green arborvitae and holly I planted back there aren't doing well at all after 10 years.

What evergreen would you guys suggest that can tolerate low light and still grow to 8/10 feet.
I'm in New Jersey a few miles from Manhattan ?

I'll try to follow up with a photo.

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Re: Looking for a evergreen shrub or hedge to suite my needs

Wow... tough call. Most shade tolerant conifers are dwarfs that don't get as tall as you want and/or are slow growing.

Silberlocke’ Korean fir likes morning sun and afternoon shade and is pretty with a frosted effect on the needles. It can eventually get to 20 feet tall, but it grows no more than 6" a year, so it would take it a long time to get there.

Boxwoods make a nice dense hedge and are shade tolerant. They come in a range of sizes, but some can get 10-15' tall.

There are some shade tolerant broad-leaf evergreens. If you have acid soil, rhododendrons can grow to 15 feet tall or so and have nice spring flowers. I love mountain laurel. It also needs acid soil. It also comes in a range of sizes from dwarf to 15 feet or so.
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