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Using organic fertilizer when transplating

I just want to be certain that if I use say tomato tone in the bottom of the hole that I placed the transplant in, it won't burn the roots. Everything I have read is that it's not usable immediately unlike chemical correct?

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Read the label. Most organic fertilizers have slow release nitrogen so all of it is not available at one time and depending on what the source is it needs to be broken down by soil organisms into a usable form.

The directions on the package says to apply as a band , 1 cup each side for a 5 foot row. Keep at least 3 inches from the stem.

For a single tomato, mix 3 tablespoons into the soil before planting.

If the fertilizer, any fertilizer is applied in a concentrated form, you will risk burning. Banding fertilizer lets the plant reach out to get the fertilizer and mixing the fertilizer in distributes the fertilizer more evenly and dilutes the fertilizer so it should not be so concentrated that it can burn the plants.

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Whether organic or synthetic fertilizer, I always mix it into the soil, so as to not be so concentrated.

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