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companion plants for blueberries?

I'd like to plant blueberry bushes in the south west corner of my zone 6 yard. the area is protected from harsh winds by a shed and solid fence.
There's already a lonely rose and wild honeysuckle. I've read that both roses and blueberries like acidic soil. Will the roses and blueberries make good companion plants? And it there any chance a fruiting tree would also get along with them?
I am adding coffee grounds and egg shells as a side dressing to the area, because I can't actually throw anything away.
thank you :)

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Roses need a lot less more acidity than blueberries do. Roses are in the ph of 6 range (6-6.9). Blueberries need quite a bit more acidity, down around 5.5. The best companion plants for blueberries are other blueberries. You can mix other plants in but you would have to pick which one you are going to focus on. Your blueberries don't have to have their own peice of yard, I do mix mine in with other things but they do need to have acidic soil. Blueberry bushes do not get all that large so if you have a large area you could put a few blueberries in one area then further down put a fruit tree or something.

You are going to have to amend the soil with more than just coffee grounds and egg shells. Neither are acidic. It is a common misconception that coffee grounds are acidic but once they are brewed the coffee is acidic and the grounds are near neutral.

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