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Weeds in neglected SaintAugustine Lawn


I just moved into a house near Jacksonvile, FL. The lawn has been totally neglected. I have uploaded photographs of the bad areas in the hope that someone can help identify the different weeds I have encountered and suggest possible solutions. The last picture (6) show some sod that I planted about 2 weeks ago. Half of it looks great and the other half look brown, although it is greening a little after i put on extra water. I am watering once a day. Will this recover. Thanks

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Re: Weeds in neglected SaintAugustine Lawn

Nigelscott - St Augustine is the most common turf grass in south Louisiana. We have many of the same issues that you do in Jacksonville.

I tried do post the actual publication but my internet is acting up this morning. ...

Scroll down. There is a link for a St. Augustine Maintenance Calendar. It is specific for your region of Florida.

St. Augustine in south Louisiana does not do well with a weed and feed at this time of the year. Straight fertilization, adequate water and proper mowing practices will go a long way toward improving the health of your lawn and smothering out unwanted weeds.

For a fertilizer do read the package carefully. I read on another link that you need to look for a Florida identification number on the package. The letter F followed by an identification number. The package must also specify St. Augustine on the label.

Proper mowing is a big issue. Most people mow St. Augustine too infrequently and too short. St. Augustine needs a mowing height of 2 1/2" - 3 1/2". Never remove more than 1/3 of the grass stems in a single mowing. That means more frequent mowing. Frequent mowing will also prevent the weeds from going to seed. You have a long growing season so you should see some improvement before it browns in the winter. Follow the calendar for proper care and by this time next summer you should have a beautiful, lush lawn. There really is no over night fix. It takes time and dedication to achieve and maintain a beautiful lawn.

Congratulations on your new home and good luck with your lawn.
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