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Need Advice on Indoor Plants

Hi everyone,

I have a few random questions.

I just bought a succulent - sempervivum sedifolium. It's so great. I'm wondering if it will grow well indoors. I live in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Also, will English Ivy do well indoors? I really want some indoor plants, especially vines. Unfortunately, I don't have many windows so not much sunlight in my house.

Lastly, I am looking for some very fragrant plants for outside. i have not had luck with jasmine, and I'm not sure about gardenia either. I would like something fragrant for indoors and something fragrant for outside as well. Any ideas?

Thanks so much in advance. You guys are always so helpful.


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The English Ivy, Hedera helix should do fine inside. My Grandmother also grew something I later learned was called Parlor Ivy, Delairea odorata, that did well in low light. It has the potential of becoming invasive if it escapes but so does English Ivy.

Sempervivum sedifolium, also known as Aeonium sedifolium should do well inside as well. I do place all of my succulents outside during warm weather though.


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