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Please help!! My Bonsai Tree fell out of its pot!!

Hi everyone,
So i got a bonsai tree for Christmas and it's been fine since, but today i accidentally knocked it over and one side of it half fell out of the pot. I put some soil back in it and covered over the roots and then watered it , but im worried about the roots of the tree. Some are kind of poking up from the soil (but they're really only small thin roots) and its a bit wobbly in the pot. im not sure what way the roots are supposed to be in the pot, if it will be alright after i just straightened it up and fixed up the soil, and if its normal for it to be a bit wobbly after something like this happens.
This is the first bonsai tree i've owned and i really love it so i hope it will be okay. Thanks to anyone with any help!!

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Re: Please help!! My Bonsai Tree fell out of its pot!!

It is better to repot in the spring, but if the plant is not stable, it is probably better to do it now. Bonsai soil is usually not potting mix, it contains different grades of gravel and some fine organic bark. Below is a link to bonsai soils and recipes. You may be able to find a bonsai mix ready made at a good garden shop.

The key pretty much is to get something that is free draining. Add some slow release fertilizer.

https://www.bonsailearningcenter.com/IMA ... /Soils.pdf

Here's a link to a site for step by step instructions to repotting a bonsai. It works for orchids too. The secret is to wire the plant in the pot to keep it from falling out. Since half your media came out, your tree must have been potted up recently otherwise usually if the bonsai is not wired, it comes out with the root ball intact and still looking like the pot.

https://www.bonsaiempire.com/basics/bons ... /repotting
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Re: Please help!! My Bonsai Tree fell out of its pot!!

It is possible that your tree may need to be wired in place to its pot.
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