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Basil Dying, not sure why ?

Giving her water not too much but not so its like a desert ..

Can anyone tell us why our basil plant seems to want to die..
plant in question
plant in question
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Re: Basil Dying, not sure why ?

Does it have anything to do with the firestarter/ torch next to it? :shock: :)

Seriously though, we would need more info. Where are you located? This is being grown indoors? What is the light like - basil is a full sun plant. What does the soil feel like if you put your finger a couple inches down into it - compacted? loose? soggy? dry? Basil likes very loose, well drained, a bit sandy soil. What do the roots look like if you lift the plant out of the pot (really, you won't hurt it)? Firm and white? Dark and mushy? Are there roots circling around the outside of the rootball?
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Re: Basil Dying, not sure why ?

Basil is an annual and does not live forever. Mine averages about 10 months before it gets so woody that it does not rejuvenate well.

Your leaves are still large and your plant is wilting from the top down. It looks like a watering issue. It looks more like the soil is too wet. When you water, do you take the plant outside or to a sink or do you just water in place? Water in the saucer can cause the root to rot over time.

The tips of my basil have also been wilting, but I have attributed that to heat stress. Rainbow does have a point, if the plant is next to a heat source, it could also cause discoloration and wilting of the leaves.
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Re: Basil Dying, not sure why ?

Just to complete the picture, basil is also fussy about cold drafts, so though unlikely, if it is next to a freezer and gets a blast of cold at every time it's opened, the basil will throw a fit too.
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