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Conditioning soil with many roots

I have a heavily shaded area to the left and right of a sidewalk right outside of my condo. Someone else has placed some brick (to help contain soil erosion) and river stones (to minimize soil splatter on their car).

I think that I want to remove the river stones, remove the sand colored bricks and plant some Liriope. If it's not planted dense enough then it just won't spread. I'm thinking that conditioning the soil may help with the plant growth. However, I know there are many roots in this area from the trees and am not sure how to go about doing it. Picture of area below:


Any suggestions about how to make the soil better?


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Re: Conditioning soil with many roots

The trees are not so close so if you do it by hand and take care not hurt them you should be fine. I would not take out the boarder as it will help hold back the soil. You could also add a bit of soil on top.
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Re: Conditioning soil with many roots

Since you live in a condo, is that a common area? Around here people can plant small sections in front of there door only with permission and approval of the planting plan, otherwise the association takes care of maintenance.
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