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Hello Gardeners! New to hobby. Looking for tips/help TYIA

Hello helpful gardeners. I have just moved to Texas and moved into a house. I was just looking to start a small personal vegetable garden. I have yet to begin any process of the gardening, but am looking for any tips/help anyone can suggest. I do have what I want to grow in mind so any specific help is greatly appreciated. The plot im working with is not very big. Maybe max 18 ft by 18 ft. I would like to grow.

Herbs -
Chives, Garlic - Perennial
Sweet Basil - Annual

Vegetables -
Pepper - Jalapeno M
Squash - Summer Squash
Pepper - Carnival Mix
Bean - Bush, Green Snap

I will be researching as much as possible, but again any specific or general help to get me going is greatly appreciated.

In advance I would also like to know if perhaps it is too late in the season to start growing any of these? I have looked at their estimated growth time, but was unsure when frost began in Texas (since just moving here)?
Do any of these plants require a large plot of land reserved for them? I have read Squash and Beans do like nutrients, what sort of fert does anyone suggest? Thank you very much to everyone who can help me out. I do believe in growing your own food, and organic foods. Thanks again.

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Hi there Michael. You may have time left this year for peppers, if you can find some decent sized plants ready to be transplanted. Also squash, but I would wager they will be a little more difficult to track down summer squash plants this time of year. You might could start both from seed, but that is adding perhaps a month to growth time.

I am almost certain it's too late to be starting snap beans.

If you can find a couple of healthy looking plants, the basil might be worthwhile. They won't have enough time to get very large, but they would have a couple of small leaves available for you to use from time to time in cooking before cold weather kills them.

I'd go ahead and plant chives now. They will appreciate overwintering and will do well next year. And September is the traditional garlic planting season for next summers crop.

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