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I need some advice on potatoes. whenever i try to grow them, the plant grows very tall and i never get any good size or number of potatoes. i have tried in the ground and in containers,i usally grow red and yukon gold. Any input would be appreciated.


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I'm surprised you haven't received a reply. Must be Friday.

What is your soil like. How did you prepare.?

Sun / Shade. Hours of sunshine per day?

Water and fertilizer?

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my knee jerk reaction is neither of those types typically get very big anyway.... some reds, but Yukon Golds tend to the small side.

at least compared to for example the russet family.... so what one calls "big" another might consider "not so big"

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I don't know what you expect. From a cutting of Pontiac Red with two eyes on it, I would expect to get 4 nice tubers. If you plant the whole potato with a dozen eyes on it you may get 15 to 20 tubers, but they will all be small.

Potatoes require full sun, fertile soil and a constant supply of water. Don't let them get too dry.
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Yukon Gold have yielded the least amount of product for me but the reds always do well..are you keeping them mounded up?

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