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Raspberry bushes

Hello. I recently move into a home with an 18' x 32' garden. Currnetly the carden is empty except for a row of about 12 raspberry bushes. I am a novice gardener and I'm not quite ready to maintain these right now. They don't seem to be doing very well anyway. The previous owner wasn't watering regularly and I don't even need to mention the drought we've had this summer. Should I just cut them down to the stems?

Any suggestions are helpful!


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Mulch them thickly and start watering at least X2 per week.

If they are untidy tie living canes up to a single wire set about 4 foot off the ground. prune out everything else.

Rasberry will respond well to water and mulch.

Dig out airlayered tips. Use those to replace gaps, or give them away.
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