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Do tomato plants need alot of water?

I am new with tomat plants and I have some tomato's already growing.But some of the stmes are yellow but the rest is green?Do tomato's require alot of water?If so please tell me. :D
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When I transplant my tomatoes into my garden is normally the last time I water them. If they seem a little wilted after several days of prolonged heat I may give them a little water but not normally. Mine have not been watered since I planted them, this year, and they are producing quite nicely. Wish I would have gotten them in earlier so I could be picking red ones now, but oh well.

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If you live where growing season rainfall amounts to 20 or 25 inches, you might say that tomatoes do not need much water.

If you live where growing season rainfall amounts to 2 or 3 inches, you might say that tomatoes DO need a lot of water.

Anyway, Texas A & M says that tomato crops have relatively high water needs. [url=]click & scroll down to Table IV-1. Relative Vegetable Water Needs[/url]: 20 to 25 inches.

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Yes tomatoes need 1 -2 inches of water a week. If you aren't getting that from rain, then you need to water.

Water deeply, not often, and mulch well to conserve water.

That said, yellowing can be from a number of different causes. The stems being yellow (especially if you mean the main trunk, not branches) is not a good sign and could be something more serious than lack of water. Could be lack of water or nutrient deficiency or disease.

Pictures would help us help you better.
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I've noticed certain ones like more water than others. The ones in the ground don't need as much as the ones in pots. And not all the ones in pots need as much water as 2 of them (which I will NOT be growing again). The cherry tomatoes seem to be doing best in the pots. Then there's another one that is "stubby" and needs no support that also doesn't need as much water. The more "stringy" tomato plants seem to need more water.

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