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I bought a bunch of impatiens for the container garden that I just set up. Most of them have wilted. And I think that some of them might be dead at this point with no point of recovery. I'm planning on replacing them, but I have a few questions on what I might have done wrong.

1) Does hard water make a difference with impatiens?

2) How many should you have in a 12 to 16 quart pot?

3) Could having to retransplant the plants after realizing that I might have overpotted the plants caused severe transplant shock?

4) How hoard are the perrenial versions of impatiens to take care of versus the annual versions?

5) Could Miracle Gro have killed the impatiens?

Any help is appreciated.

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Hi Scoop,
I'm no expert on Impatiens, but I DO know that hard water will not affect them. I have hard water. The Miracle Gro.... Only if it was too strong. Hope this little bit of help, helps.

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Hi Scoop I would say no more than 6 plants for your size pot. Be sure there is drainage hole also. When I use a large pot I fill the bottom with styrofoam packaging material so I won't have to use so much potting soil.

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