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Can blue gum tree / camphor tree bark be used as mulch?

Can blue gum tree / camphor tree bark be used as mulch around my trees?
I just want to make sure because I have alot available, but have notices that similar to pine trees, nothing else seems to grow under the trees.

Maybe is lowers the ph level of the soil too much?

Anyone know?

Nb. This is not the smooth bark, but the rough ragged type similat to what you buy at nurseries.

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Nothing much grows under a camphor tree because of the alleopathy but if you are using your mulch to suppress weeds that may be a good thing. We have not used the bark, but we do use the leaves and they don't seem to be a problem.

I also use pine needles which are acidic. The soil where I use it has a pH of 7.8. Mulch on top should not really affect pH of the soil all that much until it breaks down. The pine needles cannot be used around onions but is fine with everything else.

There may be certain plants that are sensitive to the oils or resins. The only way to know for sure is to try it.

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