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The oranges are falling!

I have a Valencia orange tree full of fruit. The problem this year is that all the fruit is considerably smaller than in previous years, and it's falling at the rate of 4-6 per day. I find that some of the oranges are a little soft and discolored around the stem, and these pull off very easily.
I'm wondering if this isn't some type of fungus? The leaves look normal and so does the fruit, except for the size. I'm treating with wettable sulfur and hoping there might be a chance of saving part of the crop. Any input would be greatly appreciated!


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Plants tend to drop their fruit if there is not enough food and water to support the growth. I would give the plant some 15/15/15 fertilizer once a week and plenty of water and trim or cut down any trees or plants that shade it.

I had a simular problem with an apple tree. I tried every thing that is suggested online and in books but nothing worked. I trimmed it a certain way, mulched it, sprayed it, watered it. Everything I read says not to fertilize an apple tree so after 18 years I decided to use common sense. I decided the tree needed fertilizer and water to support the growth of all those apples it always tries to grow but they always fall of. The tree made 14 bushels of ripe red apples that year. That was the first time the tree ever had ripe apples. Fruit trees need lots and lots of full sun too.

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