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Design ideas now that I've got a half-cobble path laid:

So I've got this path laid down and wanted to know what others have done so far as getting plants (other than weeds, right?) to fill in the spaces?

Lower water usage would be best, obviously. The soil is pretty fertile, but of course will get a little more compacted on the path. I can easily garden fork down more than two feet one handed into beautiful well-draining soil, so I'm hoping to make something very nice of this area.

The path winds through a full-sun area mostly, with a few patches of part-sun.

So what sort of plants to cross or grow between the stones. I'm concerned that with use the compacting of the path will make it too slick to drain well and I'll have little rivers eventually when it rains here enough (Pacific Northwest, so it rains enough!)


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I'd add some smaller stones...
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Moss, Creeping Thyme, New Zealand Brass Buttons. Many choices.


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