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Chinese Broccoli

I have a neighbor that has Chinese Broccoli growing in his garden. We don't know much about how to grow this at this stage in the game. He never picked the center stalk and the plants have taken off and have tall shoots about 2-3lft in height with small pea-like pods all up and down the stem. Any sugggestion as to what to do now?

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Since it has already flowered and is setting seed, you can either pull the plants up now or wait to harvest the seed. The seed takes about a month to mature after they are full size. If you want to save the seeds, you collect it after the pods (they are not true pods though) turn brown. You need to be quick after they turn brown, though, because the pods will burst easily when they are mature and spread seeds everywhere.

I've never grown chinese broccoli before, but the plant is probably not very edible now. The seed stalks make it woody.

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