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Red Maple question?

Hi guys I have a baby japanies red maple and I was told it is an out dore tree. so how do I take care of it in the fall and winter. It is in a plastic pot and is very very small. So I need to know how to care for a realy baby tree. Thanks. :?:

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I see that your occupation is landscaping.

Yes maples are 'outdoor' trees. They belong "outdoors". Even baby ones. That's where they were born. That's where they live. All year long.

Indoors they.......die.

In winter they go to sleep. They need their sleep.

In spring they wake up again.

Please put it back in the ground for 5 - 10 years.

Then try to make an outdoor bonsai with it.

Japanese - outdoor - really :roll:

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I also live in CT. I have a small red maple, that should be in the ground, and I keep it outside all winter, but under a protected and covered part of my yard. It was a gift from a friend and I've had it in a pot for two years. I'm going to follow Tom's advice and stick it in the ground for a few years.

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Ideally Japan maples should go to field for their first few years.

There does come a year when its time to lift them out of beds and start to reduce the size of root mass. For that time, I keep Japan maples in paper white pots that I have enlarged the bottom drains of.

In the fall the pot and tree go out to garden from outdoors bench, and get nested into soil up to the rim of pot. Cover soil with leaves and let them continue with their normal winter cycle.

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