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Curled leaves on citrus tree

We planted a Grapefruit tree for the first time this year. When we got it, it was covered with blossoms. I've noticed some of the leaves are starting to curl up a little. Is this typical or does it lack something?

Also, this may sound like a silly question, but when the blossoms fell off, there are little green balls left on the tree. Are those the grapefruit? The man at the store where we got it said it wouldn't produce this year but it's covered with these little green balls. Sorry if this sounds silly, we've never had a grapefruit tree before and don't know what to expect. Thanks

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There could be several causes. Aphids for example can cause leaves, especially young ones, to curl up. Check if you can see them on your tree. Ladybugs can help taking care of those as well as insecticidal soap. Leaf miners could also cause it, but I think it is a little early for them. Take a closer look and check for a wiggly trail through the leaf left by the insect.
Another reason could be that the tree doesn't get enough water.

And yes, those little green balls as you call them are the beginning fruits. However, citrus tree tend to loose some of their blossoms/fruits as they grow. So you won't see every blossom turn into a mature fruit.

Hope this helps.

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