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DoubleDogFarm wrote:What does your spinach look like. Can you post a picture?

If it is leaf miner, insecticidal soap will not work.

Here are some pics- thanks for your help!



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what if you never see a single bug, just the damage? I'm just wondering because from what I have read you have to spray it on the bugs, right??

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Go out after dark, with a flashlight in hand, and examine your plants. Many insect pests only become active after dark, when the birds that prey on them are asleep. :)
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I'm bumping my post!

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Have you gone out after dark with the flashlight yet?

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Agree with above. It's definitely not leaf miners. They don't leave holes, they get inside the leaves and burrow around and leave very distinctive squiggly trails, but no holes.

One good possibility would be slugs, which you would usually only see at night. Another thing you can do is lay a board down flat on your soil. Leave it there a couple days and then pick it up sometime in the middle of the day. If you have slugs, they will likely be hiding under it.

You need to know, because you would treat slugs differently from insects.
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