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Lettuce & Spinach

I started lettuce and spinach seeds on 3/20/11- 8 days ago. They're in peat pods, covered, and receiving bottom heat 24/7; ambient temp in the chamber is approx. 72 deg. Last year, with the same set up, they sprouted in just a couple of days. I'm guessing these aren't going to sprout and I should try again? Is it possible to pre-sprout seeds that are that tiny?

Broccoli, cauliflower, a few tomato varieties and bell peppers in the same chamber have already popped up, if that tells you anything.

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Hmmm... I wonder if your seeds are okay. Did you buy new this year?

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Lettuce should have been up by now. The spinich may still come up! Did you wet the soil a little and cover it with plactic till they sprout! I don't like peat pods because they dry ot too fast. If the seeds ae wet they should sprout but if they are dry maybe not!

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