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Taking it easy this spring... I think

I'm WAY behind this spring. Health issues, other stuff....
So I'm feeling a bit anxious that I'm not getting everything done the way I envisioned last fall :?

Still, I gotta say I have a window full of overwintered peppers that are turning the area into a jungle. I have those chestnut seedlings.... The citruses and avocados as well as the mango and pineapples (one with a pup!) are all doing well and starting their spring spurt of growth, as is the one coffee plant that I grew from seed last year. Stevia, check, Rosemaries, check. Yeah. A fair amount of growing things to put out already -- when it's gets warm enough.

Seed starting-wise, I have a bunch of volunteer tomato seedlings that started growing way before I was ready to plant my main group, I only started 8 varieties out of my main group list which are growing true leaves and need to be uppotted, series of onion seedlings, and some leek seedlings, and, oh I DID start cauliflowers, broccoflowers, and broccoli. marjoram, oregano, cutting celery. Cold tolerant ones are all ready to be hardened off and planted out.

I got goosed into getting and planting geranium seeds -- one has true leaves the others are just starting to emerge. I started Ground Cherries and Luffa, and they have been uppotted, sowed some cleome and stevia seeds just for fun, oh, and let's not forget the true potato seeds from last year's All Blue and Adirondack Blue potatoes. Eggplants and okra have been started....

Outside, the fall-planted garlic are all sprouting and growing, as are the Egyptian onions, Radicchios overwintered and so did some leeks, I saw signs that some of the fall planted Red Russian kale survived. Oh, and the tea camelia plant appears to have survived as well. :D

I sowed fava beans and peas, as well as spinach, Swiss chard, lettuce, and leaf mustard seeds, carrots, parsnips and rutabagas. More onion seeds.... Then I have turnip and beets to sow....

... and that's only the direct sowed early spring crops and indoor started warm weather crops. I still have the seed potatoes coming (and hey, those strawberry plants should've been here by now), and all the warm weather crops to think about. 8)

Gee... You think I have enough? :roll:

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:) Your version of taking it easy puts the rest of us to shame! Hope all is well with the health issues now.
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