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Recommend a hedge over a fence?

Hi, I live in a new estate and my house is on the edge of a 20ft steep bank two sides, one side approx 22mtrs has a full length feather edge panel fence 6th high, we get extremely high winds at least 10-15 times a year and with the fence being on the edge of the bank the fence takes stick from the wind and just in 18months the fence has almost collapsed but i've been lucky to anchor the fence to the house with rope and hooks - what my question is would I be better off with a conifer hedge rather than the fence to prevent having to repair 22mtrs of fence every 18mths??

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Winds can be harsh but to down a fence? Maybe they didn't know how to put up a fence. The only problem with conifers they grow in girth and if the wind is in winter they will dry out. Best with a fence. Maybe you should start over with the fence.

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