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weeds keep climbing my trees ..kiling them

I'm ahmed from egypt, i cultivate mangos in soil land ...
the mango crop is very high quality here but i have a choronic problems

two of them actually
thorn making weeds and climbing weeds (heart shaped leaf)
the they arise from beneah the plant so the thorns make the collection process very painfull and the climbing weeds keeps climbing trees twisting them and preventing light for the trees...and i don't wana use chemical herbicides ... and the manual labour is very costing...
so , was wondering aren't there any natural competitive plants or organic hebicides..
i've tried cultivating egyptian berseem,...and actually it's very compititive preventing any other weeds to grow but it needs watering every day...which is bad for mango roots might cause it's fermentation

please any one who got an idea ... LETS SHARE ,IT MIGHT HELP

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A herbicide is a herbicide, organic or not it still is detrimental in the long (and short) term.

Unfortunately, the only sure fire method of ridding an area of a weed infection is manual labour. Sometimes, it is pertinent to use animals such as pigs or chickens to weed an area but, they tend to weed non descriminantly. (Meaning they, eat everything)

If you plant something that is more invasive than your pest plants, they will become more of a problem than the initial plant.

Anybody have any ideas of what to do here?

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I'm not sure if this will help, but I never use herbicides or pesticides with one exception. That was with a very invasive vine that I found impossible to get rid of because the roots were very deep in the soil and very large. Some were as large as my arm. I used an herbicide then but I'm wondering if you could use the same technique I used with vinegar. Vinegar is often used as an herbicide to kill unwanted weeds and plants. Here's the technique. Try using vinegar this way.

Put about an inch of vinegar in a clear plastic container with a tight fitting lid like you might get as a food container.

Cut a slit in the lid and insert the tips of the vine in the vinegar when in active growth (has leaves on it and the leaves need to be in the solution). You may have to cut the longer vines and remove them from the trees. Have a 1 meter length of vine or less. Leave the vines in the vinegar for 48 hours and then cut the vines near the lid. To remove the vine from the lid, be sure and take the container to a safe place so that no solution splashes on any plants. You can keep using the vinegar until it is all gone. Everytime I find a new sprout I do this same procedure. So far there have been no sprouts from areas that were treated this way.


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