Aresnic in farming/gardening can you help??

I would like to know of ANY fertilisers or such that contain aresnic. I have recently brought a two acre property surronded by sheep & cattle farms but I have symptoms of arsenic poisoning I would love to find out where it is coming from. I am having our water tank and water tested but I need to know the source. Thank you.

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Hi Suzi,

This sounds serious. Yes, there are fertilizers that contain arsenic, but I'm not sure what the laws and guidelines are in New Zealand. I know that Ironite has had problems with heavy metals including arsenic, but I'm not sure of the status at the moment. Many fertilizers do use tailings from mining which contain heavy metals and poisons. Try a google search with the terms:
fertilizer + arsenic + New Zealand

Please let us know what you find and that you are ok. I do hope you are.


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