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What kind of bonsai is this?

I don't know what kind of bonsai this is. I have been looking online for a while now and I still can't find out what type this one is. Also some advice on some of the first things I should do for care (I just got it) like should I repot it or what you recommend trimming, I still learning and I would love to hear feed back. Also I took a picture of the foliage just to help identification. thanks :)




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Its either a Chinese Elm or Fukien Tea.
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Not sure about the species, but have a read through the learning forum and the informational part of [url=][/url] - it provides a wealth of information :)

If you just got it though, basically put it in its spot (usually as bright as possible, maybe even add some artificial light - check the thread on lighting) and leave it there for a few weeks before you even think about potting or trimming... Don't forget to water properly.

When the tree feels at home, it will let you know by sprouting new growth.
From then on, you can start planning and working with your tree.


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Hello and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately your pictures are not clear enough for me to make a positive ID. From what I can see it does not resemble either a Chinese Elm or Fukien Tea. Try this and let us know what you think.


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