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Bell Peppers!

I've grown "California Wonder" bell peppers for years because it is always the easiest to obtain as seedlings. It is also a pretty poor pepper for my zone 7b summer heat. I usually get a few nice peppers early before the heat sets in. After the heat arrives, it drops it's leaves and looks like a green stick until fall when it will make a couple of golf ball sized peppers.

I have ordered seed for a large sweet pepper known as "Chinese Giant" and then found it to be a very old variety. If it is so old, why is it not better known? Must not be such a good pepper.

Anyone have good luck with a different variety? Possibly one that can survive summer heat and make some nice peppers?


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It seems like soil plays a big role in how different varieties perform.

Ted, just because something is not well known doesn't mean that it won't be good.......at least for you :wink:. There are so many varieties out there that most don't get a lot of publicity since only a few commercial varieties are widely distributed.

Who knows, perhaps Chinese giant wasn't a top-performer for some, but maybe it will be for you :).

Good luck with your pepper season (mine's been over for a month, now).
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