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spinach and pepper help

Hey guys, I've got a couple quick questions about next yrs crops. This spinach I have isn't producing the best, and I don't remember the name of it, but I think next year I will try to find a more heat resistant hybrid. All my other greens are doing spectacular though, and I don't know how I' going to eat all of them this year. I'm considering starting a couple sweet pepper plants but know nothing about them. I think they'd be great in the greens to flavor it a little more, but don't know what kind to get. Any help would be great :)

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Spinach does best if planted very early. If you have snow in winter, you can plant spinach as soon as the snow leaves. It is a one shot thing. You harvest some leaves then it goes to seed. Plant a little more every two or three weeks as long as the weather is cool.
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For all you long season types in the south, I think spinach does even better as a fall crop than a spring one. But I don't know about trying to grow peppers now. They like full sun as well as warm. Even if your temps are warm enough for the pepper, I don't know if you would be getting enough hours of daylight (though I know your days are longer as well as warmer than mine, not fair!). People in your area could advise better on that, than those of us in entirely different climates.
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I like RG's reply.

The spinach would be worth trying in both late-fall and early-winter (I'm using the term "winter very loosely, here :lol: ). You could also try putting up some lattice on the south side of it to give it some shade from the afternoon sun.

For the peppers, it is great to hear what folks on the forum have had luck with, but that still doesn't mean you will. Take [url=]this thread[/url] for instance. One member has never had luck with a particular type of pepper, the other member did not in a previous location, but is now. This is why it is great to talk to folks in your are and see what they are having luck with. You can always cross-reference with posts here and maybe find a pepper that a lot of folks seem to have good experiences with.

Good luck :).
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