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Blueberry babies in a block of peat moss...now what?

I have several 3 year old blueberry bushes in a block of peat. They have thrived there since the second half of the summer, which is when I got them. I'm in Kentucky, and I need to find out how to 'winter' them since they are not in the ground. Does anyone have some ideas for me? Can they survive the winter out of the ground, in the block of peat?
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blue berries

I would tink they would be just fine over the winter outside in Kentucky. You could soak it down with water and then cover with hay and straw. The thing I would be afraid of are voles and mice. I've lost so many blueberry plants to these little buggers. They love the tender green bark. I protect my new plants now, until the bark turns hard and brown. First I tie up the plant with a piece of baling twine, then I slip a piece of 4" draintile over the plant. I cut the tile to about 2' long so it can be reused for a few years. I then fill the till with dry pulverized peat most, as an insulation for the young plant for the cold winter. Then cut a 4' Square of window screen and stuff it in the top of the tile, so the critters can't get in from the top of the tile. I'm in far northern Wisconsin though where it gets to 35 below. Good luck. I'll check back if you have any questions. :wink:
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