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White OAK - leaves turning brown & white powder on them

Heyya gardeners!

How have you all been? Long time haven't been round busy with many things around me.. Life is so full! How can some people get ever bored, I can't imagine.. .
In the summer I asked my mother for a small oak tree from her land, to add to my plant collection :D. I planted it in a small pot indoors..
She mentioned that this year she is having problem with a white powdery layer on her trees (leaves). So she searched one with out it, she found and gave it to me.
Now the powder appeared on this one as well. :( (as you can see on the pic). Every time I remove it it comes back..

And plus, the corners of the leaves are turning brown. I was so happy to see a new growth last week. And now it became brown as well!! :( :(

I read somewhere that it can be a cause of iron deficiency. But I don't think so... Is it? Any idea?

Is the powdery layer a sort of mold? If it is, how can I get rid of it?
p.s.: How do I avoid that white layer on my soil?

Thanks a lot in advance!
Hope to hear from you soon!

Happy Autumn!! :D




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I hated diseases when I was in college so I am far from an expert but do a Google for powdery mildew or anything that affects oaks in your area maybe from cooperative extension.

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