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updated Oct 1st seed swap/seeds to share

( 1 ) Tomato Chocolate Cherry 70 days from setting out transplants. Indeterminate. This plant reaches 5 to 6 feet high and about 3 feet wide, sometimes continuing to grow and set new fruit into autumn.

( 4 ) Tomato Pineapple 85 to 95 days. Indeterminate. Pineapple is a beefsteak type heirloom tomato with huge yellow-gold fruit often striped in red with fewer seeds and more solids, for an extra bite or two in every Tomato.

Bullet tomato seeds from fruit. Looks like this one
Orange Cherry seeds from fruit.
Pink Cherry seeds from fruit.
Yellow Cherry seeds from fruit.

Corn Bicolor Mirai 301BC saved seed


Willing to trade / giveaway / all seeds saved from 2010

Also willing to accept seed donations.

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I would love some seeds. I am just starting my garden so I can't send you any of mine, but once I get some seeds, I wouldn't mind sending you some.

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I am not new to gardening but this fall, I have been trying my hand at growing my garden from seeds instead of store transplants. I just love it! I am building my collection of seeds so I don't really have much to trade or offer in return. If you could spare any of your seeds I would be so grateful. Once I get a good selection of seeds I can't wait to start trading and sharing with others.
I can certainly send you a SASE.

Thanks so much

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