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when a hobby becomes......an obsession?

While steeping my chamomile/hibiscus/spearmint tea and impatiently waiting to add a cough killing dose of honey (yep, sick AGAIN) it occurred to me I did not have to buy any of it. The herbs and flowers in my tea can grow here. Bees live and make honey here. I could be growing all this myself.
This thought was in addition to the research I've done on which fruit and nut trees grow here that I could look into planting, an expansive list of herbs, veggies, and flowers I want to grow next year, AND a contact list of people who raise ducks, chickens, rabbits, pheasants, and turkeys.
I have become almost flat out obsessed with doing everything myself. I want to know it all and grow it all! I actually even considered how much work it might be to grow my own rice earlier today (thank you Fukuoka sensei!)
Oh and did I mention I've been researching how to build root cellars, chicken coops, and ponds?
Fish stock I haven't looked into yet.....
Somebody has to stop me!

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You do have it bad! :) But I think most of us that are regulars here are here because we are a bit obsessed with gardening, and like to think/ talk/ write/ read about it when we aren't actually out in the garden!

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Alot of good ideas Diaxana but I would take 1 project at a time. This is my 2nd year in gardening and there's still alot I have to learn. I have come to learn for myself not to take on more then I can handle becauce you might get overwelmed and discouraged. do as much research for those that you think about doing and take it one step at a time.

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nutz: Whaddayamean 1 project at a time? :lol: :wink:

@Dixana, check in the Permaculture Forum for my 2 rice growing threads. I'll be updating this year's very soon. I'm much more relaxed about it this year but am determined to accomplish the winter crop rotation this year. Almost finished researching the best alternative to Barley which won't won't grow in wet soil and Rye for which I can't remember the objection to.... :roll:

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Just for the record, I have raised chickens, geese, and ducks before. We cheated with them though :oops: Our chicken coop was a remodeled ice shanty. We added shelves to make nests, cut a hole in the side and fenced a huge area around it for them. The ducks we just kind of let roam free, there was a space in the geese pen they could fit through but the geese could not so they shared a "pond" (it was a big plastic kiddie pool :lol:)
Turkeys and pheasants would be new to me but my hubbys mom used to raise turkeys so I'm sure I could get some advice.

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Obsession is relative. I'd say if you aren't neglecting other important elements of your personal life, you're just an avid gardener.

Oh, and I've thought about the root-cellar on more than one occasion...but need to learn more about it.

Enjoy learning and researching :D. Oh, and I second your disdain of "1 thing at a time," Apps :lol:. You have to have at least 2 going :P.

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