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I have been searching high and low on the internet for over 3 weeks now trying to figure out what kind of tree this is...been to 2 different librarys and 4 gardening stores and still have not gotten any closer to an answer. I was about ready to pull my hair out when I came across this website...thankfully, for I do not believe that I would look very good sporting a bald head! LOL




If anyone out there could help me I would be soooo greatful!!

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It looks like a hibiscus, but I can't imagine how that would make it outside in Indiana. Where did it come from?

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That is most likely a shrub Rose of Sharon Hibiscus syriacus. Native of Asia. Reproduces prolifically from seed -- prepare to learn the way seedlings look. They pull out relatively easily after soaking rain. Mowing just thickens them, though repeated mowing can provide some control. Seeds survive none-active warm composting process.

Bees come out of the flowers covered in pollen and equally favored by butterflies and hummingbirds. Fast grower and drought tolerant. Nearly last to leaf out in spring. Also comes in white flowered form and purple flowered form which are often photo-touched in catalogs to appear sky blue. Have also seen double flowered forms.

Despite the attractive features, It's [url=https://www.invasive.org/species/subject.cfm?sub=5724]listed as INVASIVE WEED in many states[/url] and buying or planting new is not recommended.

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It is at my best friends house and it has been driving us mad trying to figure this thing out! It is so beautiful when it is in bloom! I looked at the images of Rose of Sharon and I do believe that is what we have!!! So that you so very much!!! :D

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My Althea sure self seed but usually just enough to give away a few babies. I must admit I did NOT know it was an invasive. I will have to look into it's status here in MA.
All the time I spend ripping up Barberries, Burning bush, Russion Olive and I've been giving away another. :?
My Rose of sharon is tougher than shoe leather and take as hard of a pruning as you can give any plant. It blooms for a VERY long time here and has started and will go for months. The thing has so many flowers it can be a mess on the walkway and I'm not one to complain about blooms. :)

It's to bad about it's possible invasive status. Hopefully it's not a problem plant here as I was thinking on getting a couple more. There are some great varieties out there.. :D
Got anything good that's Z6 hardy?

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