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Moving ivy plants

Can anybody help ? - I need to move three ivy plants due to a wall being dismantled (replacing with a fence) - I have new locations for them but am unsure if they can be moved without any problems. They have been established about 5 years, the base of two of the ivy plants are around 5" whilst the other is smaller. Do I cut them down ? if so how far can I go ? do I just dig them up & move to new site ?
Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Michandsam
First thoroughly water the plants and cut off a lot of the top growth to prevent dehydration (down to where there is growth evident - don't cut into old wood where there isn't anything growing from it).
Then dig the new holes for them - making them large and deep - and dig in some compost.
Carefully dig up the ivies, taking all the roots and some soil around them, and put each in a bucket or piece of sacking.
Next, making sure the new hole is big enough, replant the ivies in their new homes, shaking the plant gently so that the soil settles around the roots.
Heel in gently, water generously, put some shredded bark or shingle on top to keep in the moisure, and keep well watered during dry spells.
When you plant ivies you pray for them to grow - they seem to take SUCH a long time to get going. Then when they do, you pray for them to 'please stop'!
Good luck

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