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harvesting potatoes

I planted a row of yukon gold, and a row of kennebec both on may 7th. I'm leaving for camping in canada on july 31. I would really love to bring a large amount of potatoes up with me... do you think it is safe to say that my potato plants are almost done growing? if I cut the stalks in two weeks and let them sit in the ground for a week to get a skin do you think I will have a bountiful harvest? I have been checking to make sure the potatoes are growing and they are... please help! I need advice

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Any size to the potatoes :?: If you are happy with the size now, in two weeks they will be a little larger. Then go for it.

How long is the camping trip :?: I would harvest what you need and leave the rest in the ground. If it's only for a couple weeks, you don't need the tough skins. This is only for storage.


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The longer you leave them, the bigger they get. So, take a look at them now, if your happy with the size, go for it, if not, let them be. You can also do as DDF said and just do a partial harvest.

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