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Need to know what to do to help my bonsai

A friend of mine gave me a bonsai for x-mas I think it's a Juniper (kinda looks like a mini x-massy tree with pine needles for branches). Since we are in the middle of winter I don't think I can possibly put it out on my balcony in minus 30 degree weather. The moss is turning yellowy and the tree is slowly turning very dry and brittle compared to the lush green it was when I first received it. I think I have been watering in on a nomal basis and I have been misting it about 3 to 4 times a day with a spray bottle.I have fertilized it twice (once a month) since I've had it (btw is that too much?) but the branches are still drying out so I have resorted to moving the bonsai to the bathroom (no windows in there) because I figured the air is probably more humidified in their than in my apartement where the heaters are on and I think it may be the culprit as to why my branches are drying out. Is this a good idea and do you have any suggestions that I could try to save it or am I too late (it started drying out a few days ago)....



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Drying and brittle are BAD signs, but yellow moss means dry and probably not enough light. Go to the bonsai pages and check out the watering info; that weekly bath is a good idea at this point...


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