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bunnys ahhh

help me i have a bunny problem. my plants keep being gobbled up by rabbits. help :evil:
Greetings from the south:)

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Most of my edible garden beds are fenced with 24"~28" H small (1") fence. Some are rabbit fence with 1" gap for the lower 1/3 or so. I have 2 older beds that were fenced with 2"x3" opening. Adults can't get in but babies and skinny 1/2 grown ones can get through. :roll:

This bunny is making a nest in my Sunny Meadow Garden.
The kids are excited by the prospect and wants me to encourage/NOT discourage her.... She thinks I mulched the path with hay for her special use.... I saw her loitering behind the Old Sunflower House garden where all the tall peas are growing. I told her that any peas that are foolish enough to grow THROUGH the fence, she can have, but I won't tolerate stretching up on the fence to pull down the pea vines. :evil: So far, she has not caused any mischief that I have noticed....

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Look at those ears!!!!! she is very sweet!

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Yes very cute bunny, when they are not eating your plants.
As Applestar said get a rabbit fence, they make it just for rabbits, if not get a tight 1" holes chicken wire fence. Burry it into the ground so they do not dig under it.

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Out here in the sticks we use the tried and true .22 rifle for rabbits.
Rabbit and onions, mmmm...


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Canadian Farmer Guy wrote:Out here in the sticks we use the tried and true .22 rifle for rabbits.
Rabbit and onions, mmmm...

And much better on the ears of children than the screaming from being eaten by a coyote or fox. 8)

The cycle of life is a beautiful thing, but a rabbit screaming in agony at 2 in the morning is not good at all.
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