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Garlic 'silver rose' quite a surprise

Yesterday I was cleaning out my old bags of garlic, that which had gone unused and was dried out to nothing but empty shells. The garlic was harvested last year around mid June. Well, while dumping the storage bags I picked up 'silver rose' and was surprised that the bag felt pretty heavy. Pulled out a bulb and it still felt solid, heavy, firm. The garlic is still in great shape. There are no signs of sprouting and the cloves still have thick, fleshy, oily character. Probably are about 75% as good as they were when first cured. All of the rest of the garlic, that wasn't eaten, had turned to dried up, empty shells long ago. So this one, silver rose, is definitely a keeper, in both senses of the word.

Clove in foreground has had peel removed.

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That looks really good Alex.

I get oh, 6 to 8 months worth of storage out of my Music hardneck.

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