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Help My Australian Tree Fern

I have an Australian Tree Fern, and I need help, actually somewhat urgently b/c I am afraid I am killing it. :(

I got it a year ago, and I almost killed it then. It's my first one. I didn't realized it would be shocked so horribly from moving it from the purchase place (Dry Garden in Berkeley, CA) to El Cerrito, and then the subsequent planting into a 30 gal planter. For like 3 or 4 months, each branch died and then lay dormant. I babied the hell out of it and misted it's trunk daily, and fed it a lot, mostly goat poo and worm castings. It also shares it's planted with many, many worms, so it's get good soil condition/aeration. I occasionally feed it with a Fox Farm mix, occasionally water with a liquefied kelp mix, every couple months for each. It bounced back, and became a massive, beautiful monster that quickly (within 12 mos) took over our door and walkways. I had to move it. I moved it about 1 month ago about 5 feet away from where it originated. It is in the same planter. It is still against the same side of the house, just moved 5 feet west of it's original spot. All new growth of large fronds have been really stunted. Each frond would be long, straight and beautiful, now they are crooked. There are some fronds with brown marks that make me wonder if it is being sun burned, even though it is still shaded by the balcony that shaded it before.

I moved it 5 days ago closer to the wall, and further under the balcony. I don't want to kill this guy. I'm pretty attached to it. What should I do.

These pix are this afternoon.

You can see the browning, extensively in the fronds, the brown marks, like sun burns, the crooked growth easily.
To it's left
[/img] To it's right, it's original place

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