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Petunia reproduction

Today I notcied when I was deadheading that the ones I missed had evolved into what could best be described as "squid mouths". When I opened them up they were full of "grapenuts". Are these the seeds?

What to look for to tell if the seed is ready?
Does seed from a particualr petunia yield the same petunia?
Do I have to dry out the seeds, wait or do something else besides putting them in the ground?
Does it matter what season I plant em?

Any other tips for turning one petunia into many?

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The seed capsule starts out green and eventually turns brown. Seeds aren't mature until then. When they are ready you can pick the brown capsule and it will open up easily and the little seeds will fall right out (do it over a piece of paper).

If you want to grow more petunias this season, you can just put them in the ground (don't bury them, they want light to germinate, just press them on to the soil very lightly to be sure they are in contact and keep them dampened).

To save them for next year just pour them into a paper envelope and refrigerate/ freeze.

Most petunias that you would get from a seed company are hybrids, therefore no they won't breed true. But that's not all bad. I collect my hybrid petunia seeds and I got some gorgeous petunias from them, that don't look much like their parents. One is pink with dark pink lines on it and one has a white throat gradually darkening to pink edges. It's an adventure!
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