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How often to spray Captan, Malathion Carbaryl??? (bonide)

I have a peach tree and various vegtables. I have some stuff from bonide (Fruit tree spray). It just say don't spray no more than 8 times a year. What is a general spray interval.

I notice holes in my peach tree leaves, I also notices holes in some of my vegtable leaves....

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steppinthrax wrote:What is a general spray interval.
I would say never with those chemicals, but that's just my personal opinion.

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If something is eating your peach tree leaves, set up bird baths and bird houses around your garden area. Put a bird feeder out too if necessary. The birds will take care of the bugs that eat your tree. It might take some time for birds to discover your bird sanctuary but once it's discovered you will have a small army of birds attacking the pests.

[url=]Malathion has recently been linked to medical issues[/url] such as learning disabilities in children.

You may want to review the [url=]Organic Gardening Forum[/url] and the [url=]Organic Insect and Pest Control Forum[/url] for more information on how to control garden pests and perhaps do some research in the [url=]Gardening with Wildlife forum[/url].

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