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Am I able to grow zucchini in pots?

I wanted to see if it is possible to grow zucchini's in a pot? For now I am not able to dig up my yard to do a garden but I have decided to use pots for my plants which I have done before with success. Currently I have tomato and varoius hot pepper plants and wanted to branch out to some other items like zucchini and was not sure if I would be wasting my time.


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I've not had luck growing just one zucchini, as seemed like pollination was inadequate. So if you try, probably grow at least two. Zucchini generally get quite large, so you may want to check seed suppliers and find a compact variety. Even with a compact I wouldn't plant a zucchini in anything smaller than 7-10 gallons. Even that may not be large enough to get a totally healthy full production plant, but I'm almost sure that would be large enough to bring a plant into production. Good luck with your experiment.
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I grew one in a half barrel last year and it did just fine. No pollination problems. I plan to do the same thing this year. I'm not sure how it would do in a smaller pot, though.

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Now when you say one do you mean a single plant? Because when I buy them here they come 3 plants in one and it says to plant them like that, not separate them, I've never grown zuchs before and am growing them hydro in a stand alone water farm.
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I'm growing two of my zucchini plants in pots this year. Granted the pots are quite large though. One of them is doing great and the other... well it is growing. My guess is the soil mixture in that pot isn't the best. No harm though, it may just take a bit longer to start producing my dinner and stretch out the season a bit more. :D

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Re: Am I able to grow zucchini in pots?

dave103069 wrote:I wanted to see if it is possible to grow zucchini's in a pot?
According to Rose Marie Nichols McGee & Maggie Stuckey, co-authors of The Bountiful Container, zucchini does well in containers. They recommend a minimum soil depth of 10 inches and full sun. They call Spacemiser, Eight Ball, and Gold Rush their favorite varieties of zucchini.

I'd say that about one-third or just slightly more of my edible plants grow in containers, and McGee & Stuckey have given me a lot of insight into why some of my veggies/herbs weren't doing as well as I had expected. I originally fell across this book in my local library, so take a look there first to make sure it feels right to you in its approach to gardening. It worked for me, but not everything works for everyone! :)

Happy (container) gardening!

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I wanted to see if it is possible to grow zucchini's in a pot?
Yes, it is possible. I will promise you that zucchini will do better grown in the ground than a container. All squash has an extensive root system and the plant is terribly handicapped in a container.

If a container is your option, then of course, go for it.
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I'm also growing a zuke in a container. I haven't gotten any flowers just yet but every day I go out on my balcony its got more leaves. I will consider it a success as long as I get enough zukes to feed my cravings for fried zucchini!

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I didn’t have any luck with my attempt apart from getting a heap of male flowers.
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You can certainly grow them in containers. Just make sure they are large enough and get watered frequently. If you have pollination problems (some folks do, some don't :?) you can always just hand-pollinate.
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Thank you all for the input. I do plan to grow mutiple plants, most likely 3-4.. The pots I am planning to use are those 16 in plastic cylinder planters from home depot. I'm thinking they should be big & deep enough..

I'll let you know how things go and post back some pics..


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