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Insects, mosquitoes and Ants in lawn

I have sodded lawn in front and back yards and enjoying for last 3-4 yrs with no problem, but lately I am seeing a lot of Insects, mosquitoes and Ants in my lawn. My kids play a lot there and I see lot of insects byte on their legs. What is the best way to get rid of insects in the lawn?

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You can make a spray using water and the juices of plants that insects normally dislike. Garlic is the most common, if you can stand the smell yourself.

Crush (not cut) a garlic clove and soak it in a small pail of water over night. In the morning you can remove the clove and spray the garlic water on your lawn. I know this works for gnats and ants. Not terribly sure about mosquitos, but it might help.

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Add some hot pepper to the garlic to up the potency, plus a few drops of soap (NOT detergent which is dishwashing liquid and burns plants, actual soap like Dr Brunners, Murphy's oil soap, ivory). For the mosquitos maybe throw in some lemon or orange peels or geranium leaves if you have some (mosquitos hate geranium oil!). Blend it all up together, let it sit for a few hours, strain and spray. A little salad oil in the mix helps it stick to the plants better, but don't overdo.

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