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A little help for a big deal

Our town is faced with a private individual selling his land to a landfill. The different groups in oppostion to the landfill have come to our farm to discuss viable compost options. I can't attend the meeting but wanted to send some info along. What is the most succinct info out there?
I have started a food waste project at a local restaurant and am working with a book store to give 50% off books for 10 gal of foodwaste...any thought on larger scale almost municiple level composting? tate

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I remembered that we had someone talking about doing large scale composting, so I went and looked for the thread -- it was you, tater!

I expect you have more experience with that than most of us:


In this thread, Sage Hermit was talking about starting large scale composting as a business.


I don't know if that ever happened, but you could PM him for an update.

And here Dom Nizza posted a picture of a gigantic compost turning machine in a compost operation serving three towns:


Again you might try PM'g for more info.

Hope this helps, because I sure can't other wise!

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A magazine for large scale composting.

Should be more links there.

Not in the business myself so I have nothing more to offer.



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