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Pachysandra as groundcover??

My mom lives in Baltimore and has a steep (35-40degree?) hill about 50feet by 15 feet that gopes from her lawn down to the driveway. I am interested in having groundcover placed there--there had been something before but had been neglected and was weedy so we want to start over. The opposite side of the driveway has a nice growth of combined English Ivy and Pachysandra. I would like to do this on the other side as well. Someone she may hire wanted to plant "flowering plants" there instead. It is full sun. Any reason not to use the Pachysandra/Ivy combo? Any other better suggestions--as low maintenance (after it takes hold) as possible.

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Well, I'm not really that sure of what Ivy is like in your region but, it can be incredibly invasive so, you may wish to check that out by looking up your local invasive list. Just something to be mindful of.

Ivy will also choke most other plants that you mother may want to plant in the future. (Though, the invasiveness of a plant depends on climate/water/and other factors)

I like Kanickanick (sp?) which is neat because it is a low maintenace ground cover that has berries that birds like. Hairy Vetch is nice because it has nice purple flowers and it is a legume so, aids in the addition of Ntrates to the soil. Loads and loads of allysum are really nice to look at but, can get a little costly to buy.

Try asking at a local nursary from long term staff (not the summer help) who are usually quite knowledgeable about what works in your area.

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