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Mystery Plant

I started my spring garden a few weeks ago and planted several things in organized rows with labels on each section. About 2 weeks ago, in the patch where I planted onions and little onions are sprouting up, something I don't recognize began sprouting and doing very well. I tried planting a fall/winter garden last year, but I wasn't successful so I imagine it's coming from seeds I planted last autumn.

Does anyone recognize this plant?

Here it is close up:

And here it is next to a mature onion plant:

Thanks in advance!


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Your mystery plant looks like a potato plant to me.

I have some growing right now and their leaves look just like those.

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Yep, potato

If you take a large enough shovel full, you probably could transplant it. It will get large and crowd out your onions.

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Yah it is probably a potato from your compost if you used any. Those things are surprisingly hardy when you wouldn't expect them to grow. I wouldn't be surprised if you took some hashbrowns and threw them in the garden and got a dozen plants. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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and if you plant Tater Tots, you get potatoes for kids. :D

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