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Perennial for a pet memorial??

My boss recently lost a pet and I would like to get them some sort of small tree or flowering shrub to plant as a memorial. I don't really know much about gardening. Does anybody have any suggestions. Being that it is fall I'm curious if it is even an option to plant something this time of year. Thank you so much for your help. :? -Jenny

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Although I don't think you'll won't find a whole lot in bloom this time of year, it's a good time to plant just about any shrub. Azaleas and rhododendrons are always popular in the PNW, if your boss lives in that area.

It's important to consider the mature size of the plant, though. Some rhodies, for instance, can grow to be 12 feet tall and almost as wide, unless they are pruned back each year after they bloom. If your boss lives in your area, I would visit a good local nursery (not a florist shop) and ask the staff there for suggestions. They might have some plants specifically suited to the weather in your area which have attractive foliage this time of year, and will bear flowers in the spring, but will stay a more limited size. Just a suggestion. :)
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Where was the pet buried? If it was in a pet cemetary, then you'll want a plant that require very little attention, if it's at home that's a different story. If at home, any nice flowering perrenial would be nice(that will live in Seattle).
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Azalea would be nice. I like the idea of an evergreen for a memorial plant, keeping the memory ever green... Other choices would be juniper, which comes in dwarf and creeping varieties, if you don't care whether it flowers, or mahonia (oregon holly grape) or pink mountain-heath, both native flowering evergreen shrubs. Both, like the azalea, do better in part shade conditions than full sun. The mahonia gets bigger 3-6', but pretty slowly, has fragrant yellow flowers. The mountain heath doesn't get any more than 2' tall, has really pretty little pink flowers in summer.

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I love azaleas, but I decided to put a white lilac beside by precious cat's grave. I also put dwarf irises and small white violets.
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I've got irises over Perry, one of the best cats I ever knew, but the other two got trees. The pine over Foo Cat Chu (affectionately known as Foo) has really taken off this year, and he was like our white pine; common as hen's teeth but each an individual. Pine suits him

While it sounds insulting, Mason (Perry's brother :lol: ) got a dogwood. Pagoda dogwood is a native around here and with some judicious pruning (my favorite kind) can have a wild but refined form and if you knew Mason, he was a very refined cat, a true ambassador of his species. They're all missed, but all still here, becoming plants so you want it to stay.

I think when it's time for one of the others, I might go with peonies. They are so long lived (as long as people, let alone cats), pretty simple, and while the bloom time can be short, there are not too many better bangs-for-buck blooms like a nice big double peony practically the size of your head busting out an aroma I love for it's complexity. Some of the new singles are nice too; I think 'Bowl of Beauty' is a winner.

I love my lilacs as well, and a perpetual plant with proper pruning. Not a perennial, but nice choice. Which lilac? I like [url=]'Krasavitsa Moskvy'[/url] or [url=]'Mme. Lemoine'[/url]

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