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Roses coming out of dormancy now?

This is my second year of rose gardening. Last year I pruned on Valentine's day and it was perfect. However, I've read that you are supposed to prune as the rose buds are swelling and getting red. All of my roses are at least doing that and some already have fresh growth. Should I prune them now or wait a month?

I am in Austin, TX.

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Hello, ShadowLight. Spring pruning of remontant roses can be done 3-5 weeks before the average date of last frost. For you, this date falls on March 31 so prune anywhere from the last week in February thru March 31st. I have developed the same habit as you; when Valentine's Day approaches, I know it is time to prune. However, it do not fertilize them then. I wait until my average date of last frost or 2 weeks later because I do not want sudden cold weather to zap the tender new growth. This year, we got snow 5 days after our average date of last frost! Oh well. They do not call them averages for nothing!


PS - If you have any roses that only bloom once (in Spring) then prune those after blooming but no later than July-ish or so.

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